Erica Celeste

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Erica Celeste

Yoga Teacher
Grounded on Glen St

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My name is Erica Celeste. I'm a Glens Falls native and yoga teacher at Grounded on Glen St!

I specialize in Yoga Nidra which is a type of yoga that is very similar to mediation. The practice requires students to lay on their back, be as comfortable as possible (adding blankets or pillows) and listen to a guided meditation. The practice is for deep rest and relaxation.

Something the public may not no about me is that I am a double certified Nerve Conduction Technologist. My chosen career path before diving head first into wellness practices, was physical medicine. I was the lead trainer at Adirondack Rehabilitation Medicine, PLLC. I learned an impeccable amount of information in relation to nerve and muscle related disorders. Even more than I learned in massage school!

I think the biggest, baddest, most awesome thing I've accomplished in my time at Grounded on Glen St is figuring out exactly who I am. It can be, and still is, a terrifying thing to do -- to stray away from a, "normal" career. You are placing yourself in this vulnerable position, to be seen. Exactly as you are. Personally, prior to this journey I wasn't quite sure where I fit. I knew I was smart, capable and loving but figuring out how to pour that into myself and those around me just wasn't clicking. I'd say becoming a mother changes you, and it does down to a molecular level. The reality is I think a re-birth of any kind changes you. Living and accepting how my life has changed has been my biggest accomplishment.

A little known fact about me is that I also own and operate Empire City Massage and Meditation located in Glens Falls. I became a NYS and nationally ranked massage therapist in 2013 and have been practicing every since!

As a yoga teacher I'm able to remind not only my students but myself that there is strength within us. The truth is, no matter the injury or life event, that very strength to keep going is already inside us. Sometimes, we just need a little support.

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Erica Celeste


Yoga Teacher


Grounded On Glen St.



SKU: ARCC-013227-002 Categories: , , , , , , Tag:


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