Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Do I need to be a member of my local Chamber of Commerce to join ACRN?

A: Nope. While we usually advise individuals and businesses to become members of their local chamber of commerce for the advantages it provides, it’s important to note that being a member of a Chamber of Commerce is not required to be a member of this website.

Q: I'd like to view the community calendar of events - can I view with a Level-1 membership?

A: There are many helpful resources available with the Free membership. The collective business community calendar of events is availble to Level-2 & Level-3 Memberships. Please consider upgrading for all the great resources available.

Q: I joined at Level-1, but would like to take advantage of the features in Level-2, can I upgrade?

A: Yes! We make it easy to get the benefits you want. You may upgrade to a higher level at any time, and your membership fee will be pro-rated accordingly.

Q: I'd like to revise my profile - how do I do that?

A: To revise any information on your profile page, simply use the same submission form to add/delete/modify any info, and then re-submit (you may skip any submission questions that you’d like to leave as-is).

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