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ACRN Connects local people with local businesses
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ACRN (which sounds like ‘ay • korn’) is an acronym for the Adirondack Community Resource Network


ACRN’s goal is to facilitate stronger relationships between local businesses and community members by offering a variety of resources and tools.

Through the ACRN website, businesses can showcase their unique products and services in a friendly and engaging way, giving community members an opportunity to learn more about their contributions.

The ACRN website also provides businesses with promotional opportunities, such as offering Group Consultations, Video Introductions, Member Discounts, and a Community Event Calendar.

For job seekers and employers, we offer resources such as a community listing where businesses can post job openings, and potential employees can submit their resumés.

Our volunteer Advisory Committee is made up of local members and business people, ensuring that our website remains a valuable resource specific to OUR local business community.

We encourage you to explore the various resources available on the ACRN website, including member profiles, expert consultations, informative articles, and more.

ACRN is committed to connecting local people with local businesses and providing the support necessary for their success.

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The ACRN website serves as a tool for our local business community, facilitating deeper connections with the people who drive these businesses and providing useful resources to support them.

Networking and partnerships

By fostering meaningful connections and collaborations with diverse businesses, organizations, and individuals within our community, community-based businesses can tap into new opportunities for growth, broaden their customer base, and enhance their visibility.

Business development and training

Empowering community-based businesses with the necessary knowledge and skills is key to their success. Through business development and training programs, these businesses can access invaluable expertise in areas like financial management, marketing, customer service, and sales, paving the way for their growth and prosperity.

Access to financing and grants

Securing adequate financing and grants is often crucial for the success and sustainability of community-based businesses. Whether it’s for covering initial startup costs, making capital investments, or managing ongoing business expenses, reliable access to financial support is essential to fuel the growth and resilience of these enterprises.

Marketing and branding support

Crafting a compelling marketing and branding strategy is paramount for community-based businesses seeking to captivate and retain customers. Leveraging valuable resources like social media marketing, email campaigns, and engaging content creation enables these businesses to effectively showcase their unique products or services, ultimately driving customer engagement and loyalty.

Legal and regulatory support

Community-based businesses face the challenge of navigating a maze of legal and regulatory complexities. In order to thrive, they require reliable legal and regulatory support. Access to valuable resources, such as expert legal advice and guidance on compliance with local laws and regulations, becomes indispensable for these businesses, ensuring their adherence to requirements and fostering a solid foundation for long-term success.

Business development and training

Unlocking the potential of community-based businesses is greatly facilitated through comprehensive business development and training programs. These invaluable initiatives equip these businesses with the essential knowledge and skills required for success. Covering a wide range of critical areas, such as financial management, marketing strategies, customer service excellence, and effective sales techniques, these programs serve as catalysts for the growth and prosperity of community-based enterprises.

Why is ACRN’s tagline so important to our community?

Connecting local people with local businesses and providing valuable resources to both

1. Economic Growth

Local businesses are the backbone of the economy, contributing to job creation and economic growth within communities. By connecting local people with these businesses, it stimulates the local economy and supports sustainable development.

2. Community Development

Building connections between local residents and businesses fosters a sense of community and belonging. When people engage with local businesses, they become invested in their success, which strengthens community ties and promotes a vibrant and thriving local environment.

3. Sustainability

Supporting local businesses reduces the reliance on large corporations and promotes sustainable practices. Local businesses often source goods and services locally, minimizing transportation-related emissions and promoting eco-friendly practices. This contributes to environmental sustainability and helps create a more resilient and self-sufficient community.

4. Unique Offerings

Local businesses often provide products and services that are distinctive and unique to their region. Connecting local people with these businesses allows individuals to access and appreciate the diversity of offerings available within their own community. This promotes cultural preservation and adds to the richness of local experiences.

5. Customer Experience

Connecting local people with local businesses enhances the overall customer experience. Local businesses often prioritize personalized service, fostering stronger relationships and customer loyalty. By supporting these businesses, individuals can benefit from tailored and attentive services that cater to their specific needs.

6. Job Opportunities

Local businesses are significant employers within their communities. By connecting local people with these businesses, it creates job opportunities for residents, reducing unemployment rates, and improving local livelihoods. This helps to build a more prosperous and self-sustaining community.


Connecting local people with local businesses and providing valuable resources to both has wide-ranging benefits for the economy, community, environment, and individual experiences. It fosters economic growth, community development, sustainability, uniqueness, customer satisfaction, and job creation, making it a crucial aspect of local and regional progress.


We are grateful that the ACRN website has received endorsements from these companies and organizations who genuinely believe in its worth as a valuable resource for our local community...

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