Robbie Lankford

New Hope Community Church member since: 2000

Robbie Lankford

Lead Pastor
New Hope Community Church

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Robbie Lankford

Pastor Robbie serves as the Lead Pastor for our church family with a primary emphasis on Leading, Feeding, and Kingdom Growth. Leading as the point person for our pastoral team as they lead/serve our church family under the leadership of the Lord. Feeding with a focus on Preaching and Teaching. Kingdom Growth with a focus on making the Lord famous throughout our region and the world through Outreach, Missions, Church Planting, and helping other sister churches.

Additional information


Robbie Lankford


Lead Pastor


New Hope Community Church


454 Corinth Rd. Queensbury, NY 12804


(518) 798-5778



When I came to know Jesus

1985 at a children’s Vacation Bible School

When I came to New Hope


How I came to New Hope

While finishing up his Masters degree in 1998, the Lord began speaking to him about the Northeast in general and NY specifically. Over a 2 year process, the Lord began to show Shannon & him that He was calling them to move to Queensbury to start New Hope.

Favorite music

Most contemporary Christian music, some Country music, 80s hits

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