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Member Profiles

Welcome to ACRN's thriving community where connections flourish through our growing list of member profiles.


With ACRN's growing list of member profiles, you gain access to a wealth of benefits that foster networking and collaboration. Explore a diverse range of professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses as you browse through captivating profile photos and insightful member information. Discover shared interests, forge meaningful relationships, and unlock potential partnerships.

ACRN's member profiles provide a platform for you to showcase your business, learn from others, and expand your network. Embrace the power of connection and tap into a world of possibilities through our vibrant community of members.


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Member Intro Videos

Welcome to our dynamic community, where connections come alive through video introductions.


With ACRN's innovative feature of member video introductions, you unlock a whole new level of personalization and engagement. Get to know fellow members on a deeper level as you watch their video introductions, hearing their stories and gaining insights into their businesses. Experience the power of face-to-face interaction, establishing trust and building meaningful relationships.

By adding a visual element to member profiles, ACRN creates a vibrant and authentic environment with the video introductions that promotes genuine connections and fosters collaboration. Embrace the opportunity to connect on a more personal level and discover the endless possibilities that await you within our community.



Radio Interviews

Welcome to the captivating world of radio interviews hosted by the Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce (ARCC), where the stories of local business people come to life.


Immerse yourself in the vibrant community as you listen to engaging interviews with fellow entrepreneurs. Gain first hand insights into their journeys, challenges, and successes, allowing you to connect with them on a personal level. Discover the unique narratives behind local businesses, while simultaneously expanding your knowledge about different industries. Through these intimate conversations, you'll not only forge connections but also foster a deeper understanding of the vibrant business landscape within the Adirondack region. Tune in and embrace the power of storytelling through our ARCC radio interviews



Welcome to ACRN's collection of ARTICLES, where knowledge meets practicality and empowers you with valuable insights.


ACRN's member-written ARTICLES offer a myriad of benefits that cater to your diverse needs. Delve into a treasure trove of information, meticulously curated to educate, inspire, and guide you on various subjects.

Whether you're seeking expert advice, exploring new perspectives, or simply expanding your horizons, our ARTICLES deliver a seamless blend of depth and clarity. Prepare to unlock new possibilities as you engage with thought-provoking content that enhances your understanding, sparks creativity, and enables personal growth. Embrace the transformative power of our articles and embark on a journey of discovery.



Community Calendar

Welcome to ACRN's Shared COMMUNITY CALENDAR, where collaboration and organization unite to streamline your scheduling needs.


ACRN's COMMUNITY CALENDAR provides a multitude of benefits that simplify coordination and enhance productivity. Easily share events with your community, ensuring everyone stays informed. Say goodbye to double bookings and missed appointments as our intuitive interface offers real-time updates and notifications.

With the power of a centralized COMMUNITY CALENDAR, you'll experience improved communication, increased efficiency, and a seamless flow of information. Join our community and unlock the potential of effortless collaboration with our shared COMMUNITY CALENDAR.




Welcome to ACRN's professional CONSULTATIONS, where expertise meets personalized guidance to propel you towards success.


ACRN's member CONSULTATIONS offer an array of benefits tailored to your specific needs. Gain access to industry professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, providing valuable insights and strategic advice. Whether you're seeking career guidance, business solutions, or professional development, member CONSULTATIONS offer a customized roadmap to help you achieve your goals.

Embrace the opportunity to collaborate with experts, refine your skills, and make informed decisions that drive meaningful results. Elevate your potential with our professional consultations and unlock new possibilities for growth.


Map of Businesses

Welcome to our platform where you can explore a custom map showcasing the locations of our member businesses.

Get ready to unlock a world of convenience and discovery. With our interactive map, you'll experience a multitude of benefits. Easily navigate through various neighborhoods, pinpointing the exact locations of ACRN Member businesses that align with your interests. Whether you're searching for local shops, restaurants, or service providers, our map provides a visual representation that streamlines your exploration.

Discover hidden gems, plan your outings efficiently, and support local businesses effortlessly. Embrace the power of our custom map and embark on a seamless journey of exploration and connection.


We're Hiring

Welcome to ACRN's list of companies and organizations actively seeking talented individuals like you.

ACRN's curated collection of job opportunities presents a multitude of benefits in our local area that can transform your career. Explore a diverse range of industries and roles, from established companies to startups and non-profit organizations. Discover exciting employment prospects, connect with employers who value your skills, and seize the chance to make a meaningful impact.

With ACRN's list, you'll have access to a wealth of possibilities, opening doors to new professional horizons.

Take the next step towards your dream career with our trusted network of hiring companies and organizations.


Job Seekers

Are you ready to take your career to new heights?

Submitting your resumé to ACRN's list of companies and organizations actively seeking talented individuals is your gateway to exciting opportunities. With a seamless and user-friendly process, we make it easy for you to showcase your skills and expertise.

Simply create an account, upload your resume, and gain access to a local network of potential employers. Maximize your chances of landing your dream job by connecting directly with hiring managers and decision-makers. Don't miss out on the chance to make a lasting impression—submit your resume today through ACRN and open doors to a brighter future.


Book Recommendations

Welcome to our curated collection of inspirational book recommendations authored by some of the most influential thinkers and leaders of our time.

Discover inspiring books, as recommended by ACRN members, from top authors like Jim Collins, Dale Carnegie, Simon Sinek, and more. Explore timeless wisdom and actionable insights for personal growth and success.


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Inspirational Videos

Welcome to our curated collection of inspiring YouTube videos from ten influential figures in business and personal development.

From Simon Sinek’s purpose-driven leadership to Brene Brown’s exploration of vulnerability, these ACRN member recommended videos offer invaluable insights to empower and inspire you. Whether you’re seeking motivation, leadership advice, or personal growth strategies, join us on this journey of learning and transformation. Let’s dive in!



Member Newsletter

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Experience the benefits of being up-to-date on the latest updates from ACRN. Discover the newest members who have joined our community, celebrate special recognitions, and gain valuable insights from helpful articles. Stay in the loop with the latest updates from our community events calendar, ensuring you never miss out on exciting opportunities. With our newsletter, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and connections to thrive within the vibrant ACRN community.

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Resources Available Soon

Welcome Committee

Welcome to ACRN's comprehensive Welcome Resource, your ultimate guide to understanding the essence of our vibrant area.

Whether you're new to the area or considering a move, our Welcome Resource offers invaluable insights provided by our local members. Immerse yourself in a wealth of information, from firsthand experiences to local tips and recommendations.

Discover the charm, culture, and unique attributes that make this area special. Our Welcome Resource acts as your personal concierge, offering a glimpse into the diverse community, local attractions, events, and hidden gems.

Embrace the power of local knowledge and embark on an enriching journey through our Welcome Resource, shaping your perception and sparking excitement about your new adventure.

Available Soon

Local Giving

Welcome to ACRN's powerful resource that connects members with local nonprofits in need of support, fostering a culture of giving and making a positive impact on our community.

With our comprehensive platform, you can easily identify organizations seeking donations, financial gifts, or volunteer assistance. Access up-to-date information on these nonprofits, including their missions, initiatives, and specific needs. By providing a centralized hub, ACRN empowers our members to make informed decisions about where their support can have the greatest impact.

Join us in creating a stronger community as a whole by leveraging our resource to help local nonprofits thrive and make a difference in the lives of those they serve

Available Soon

Local Needs

Welcome to our community-driven platform, where local non-profits have the opportunity to share their specific needs, enabling our community to respond in the most impactful way possible.

Through our comprehensive listings, each non-profit explains what they require most, whether it's supplies, volunteers, or financial contributions. By providing transparent and detailed information, we empower our community members to make informed decisions on how they can best support these organizations.

Together, we create a powerful network of individuals who can respond effectively, ensuring that our community's resources are channeled towards the areas that need them the most. Join us in making a difference by leveraging our platform to support the local non-profits that align with your values and passions.

Available Soon


Welcome to the vibrant local business community, where mentorship plays a pivotal role in fostering growth and success.

At ACRN, we understand the invaluable impact of business mentorship, which is why we have created a platform that connects experienced business mentors with aspiring mentees. The ACRN website serves as a bridge, facilitating meaningful mentor-mentee matches within our community. Whether you are seeking guidance, insights, or industry knowledge, our platform ensures that you can find the right mentor to support your professional journey.

Embrace the opportunity to learn from seasoned experts, expand your network, and unlock new possibilities with the support of our mentorship program on the ACRN website.

Available Soon

Local Weather

Coming Soon



Coming Soon



At ACRN, we believe in the power of collaboration and collective wisdom.

As a member, you have a unique opportunity to survey and gather valuable insights from other local members. Whether you need feedback on a presentation, an idea, or a business decision, our platform provides a valuable feedback mechanism.

Leverage the diverse perspectives and expertise of our community to refine your strategies, gain new perspectives, and make informed decisions. With the ability to collect feedback directly from fellow members, you can tap into a wealth of knowledge and enhance your professional growth.

Embrace the power of collaboration and unlock the potential of collective intelligence within ACRN.

Available Soon


Local LiveStreams

Welcome to the ACRN website, your hub for dynamic and interactive experiences.

We are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting live stream events based on the requests of our members. From expert panels and workshops to entertaining performances and engaging discussions, our live stream events cater to your interests and desires. As an ACRN member, you have the power to shape the content and topics that are covered, ensuring that each event is tailored to your preferences.

Join us as we bring the community together through immersive and exciting live stream events, designed to inform, entertain, and inspire.

Available Soon 

Coffee Chats

Welcome to ACRN's delightful coffee chats, where local members come together over a cup of coffee (or tea) to engage in captivating conversations on a variety of topics.

Our coffee chats offer a unique blend of entertainment and information, as two similar (or opposing) members sit down to discuss topics suggested in advance by our community. These engaging discussions are filled with laughter, insights, and a touch of silliness, creating an enjoyable listening experience for all.

Join us in the joy of these lively exchanges, where camaraderie and intellectual stimulation meet to create a truly memorable and uplifting experience.

Available Soon


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