Why Should I Use a Kitchen Designer for my New Kitchen Project?

Why Should I Use a Kitchen Designer for my New Kitchen Project?

The kitchen is the heart of any home, the most popular room to remodel, or the room that requires a great deal of detail when building a new home.

While DIY home shows make designing a kitchen look simply, setting off on your own to do so can create big headaches. Working with a seasoned kitchen designer will make your project infinitely easier.

A kitchen designer has in-depth design expertise specific to kitchens that comes from years of creating kitchens that meet their client’s vision. A designer fundamentally understands the ergonomics of a kitchen, which is the basis for design. While the classic “triangle” of cooking seems easy to apply, often space constraints present a challenge. Homeowners can be challenged to see how removing a wall, moving a window or door, or completely rearranging where cabinetry and appliances could go will create a completely different and amazing kitchen.


A kitchen designer has in-depth design expertise


The kitchen designer knows the latest trends in materials, new products, and resources that they bring to the table when working on your project.

Here’s what you should expect from a kitchen designer:

    • Someone who truly listens to your vision, asks questions about your lifestyle, your cooking style, and how you like to entertain.
    • Asks up front about your budget and offers you options to meet that number.
    • Provides detailed views of the design so you can understand the way the kitchen will look from different angles.
    • Explains the timeline starting with the design process through finishing touches, including what to expect about the deconstruction (if remodeling) and installation process, which is creates an unavoidable inconvenience if you plan to be living in the house during the entire project. The key word is patience. Even a well-thought-out timeline is subject to many setbacks so adding a few weeks to the process in your own mind will help ward off disappointment.
    • Comes to your house to measure or requests the latest copy of architectural drawings to work from if you are using an architect.
    • Provides the carpentry labor or has highly recommended carpenters they work well with.
    • Coordinates the delivery of kitchen materials they supply.
    • Remains active and available until the project is fully completed so any issues relating to the components they provide are resolved.

A new or remodeled kitchen is a significant investment, one that starts with a fair amount of your time. There are many decisions to be made and your kitchen designer should be guiding you through those decisions while respecting your choices. It’s important to have a good report with your designer, someone you feel comfortable saying you dislike an option or design element as much as you feel comfortable saying you like something.

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Kitchen Design by Arthur Zobel | photo courtesy of Zobel & Co. Kitchens © 2023

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Kitchen Design by Arthur Zobel | photo courtesy of Zobel & Co. Kitchens © 2023


Arthur Zobel

Arthur Zobel

Kitchen Designer | Zobel & Co Kitchens

As a second-generation kitchen designer it’s hard to find a design challenge Arthur Zobel can’t meet. Starting his career in his father’s design showroom, Zobel Kitchens, in Westchester Co. NY, Arthur learned about the ins and outs of cabinet making, design, and how to meet a client’s vision. In 1989 Arthur began designing for the tri-state area’s largest showroom, Majestic Kitchens before opening Zobel & Co Kitchens in Glens Falls in 2018.