Advantages of a Professionally-Made Business Video (Part-2)

Advantages of a Professionally-Made Business Video (Part-2)

When it comes to media content, I like to categorize it into two distinct types: “Homemade Content” and “Professional Content.” Homemade content refers to videos or photos produced in-house, often captured on smartphones with little or no editing. It offers numerous advantages – it can be created quickly, anywhere, at any time, and it’s cost-effective.

However, its greatest strength lies in its relatability to your audience. Homemade content provides an opportunity to unveil the inner workings of your business, establishing a casual and approachable connection with your audience. Over time, this connection fosters a relationship, even if it’s a parasocial one.


professional content builds authority


While homemade content builds rapport, professional content builds authority. It plays a pivotal role in portraying you, your team, and your products or services as professional, especially in the online world. Today’s buyers, whether in the B2C or B2B space, expect to come across content that speaks to the legitimacy and professionalism of your business. Just like you or your sales team would interact with potential customers or clients, your goal is to instill confidence in them – assuring them that they are dealing with the right people.

This is where professional video content comes into play, particularly in critical touchpoints with potential buyers. For instance, imagine a potential buyer landing on your website and engaging with a professional “About Us” or “Intro Video.” Not only do 72% of buyers prefer video over text when learning about a product or service (Wyzowl), but they also spend an average of 2.6 times more time on pages that include videos (Wistia). As they watch that video, you’re not only establishing a connection with the viewer, but you’re also building a foundation of confidence before they have a chance to open another tab to explore your competitors.


building a foundation of confidence


However, it’s important to consider the quality of the video. Beyond camera, lighting, and sound, the structure of the video is just as crucial. While numerous professional video production teams can create visually appealing videos, the key lies in selecting one that understands how to craft an effective video – one that captures and retains viewers’ attention, stays true to your brand, and ultimately leads to conversions.

Whether you’re just starting out in content marketing or well-seasoned, a good ratio between Homemade Content and Professional Content (including running ads/commercials) should be around 70/30. So as you post weekly content that starts conversations with your audience, it’s always worth revisiting your marketing strategy and dissecting your buyer’s journey to find where those critical touchpoints are and develop a plan to make sure that you have content there that builds trust and authority. By leveraging professional video content strategically in key moments of customer interaction, you can create a powerful impact and differentiate your business from the competition. When in doubt, I always recommend starting with the first and most important touchpoint – the introduction.


unlock the full potential of your brand


Having a professional video made for your business should be a fun and rewarding experience. It is an opportunity to tell your story, convey your message, and captivate your audience in a way that sets you apart from the competition. So when you’re ready, it’s crucial to choose a team that not only understands your vision but also helps you develop a comprehensive solution and strategy. By choosing the right video production team, you can unlock the full potential of your brand and create a lasting impact on your target audience. So, don’t hesitate to invest in professional (and homemade) video content and embrace the power of visual storytelling to take your business to the next level.

Examples of Professionally-Made Business Intro Video

video courtesy of Gazai Media Productions © 2023

video courtesy of Gazai Media Productions © 2023


Cory Gazaille

Cory Gazaille

Video Producer | Gazai Media

Cory Gazaille runs Gazai Media, a local video production company that utilizes video marketing strategies to help businesses and brands communicate more effectively. From product and service commercials to testimonials and brand awareness videos, Gazai Media ensures that they not only deliver professional videos, but implement strategies that get results. Cory believes video is the most powerful tool your business can use to show your ideal client who you are, what you do, and why you are the best option in your market.