Brian P Warner

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Brian P Warner

CFP® AAMS™, Financial Advisor
Edward Jones

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What's your name and what's your claim to fame?

Hi, my name is Brian Warner and depending on who you ask this question to may generate some different answers. I will leave it at that and hope it serves as a good ice breaker.

What's your bailiwick? (your specialty)?

Many folks would tell you my specialty is is most anything financially related, but what I most enjoy helping clients and families do is planning and preparing for retirement and keeping them that way; and additionally if their goal is to pass their assets on to their heirs how to effectively and efficiently do that.

Is there something the public might not know about what you do that you wish they did?

I find most folks are very surprised when they find out I do life insurance and offer life insurance reviews. Many are also not aware that I can help assist in having a solid estate plan and offer to help work directly with CPA's and Attorney's to set up the best road to success.

What's the biggest, baddest, most awesome thing you've accomplished in your business so far?

The biggest and baddest thing I believe involves a clients story and due to confidentiality I won't share that here, but aside from that I would say two things. The first is starting my business in 2016 at 26 years old going around our community door-to-door explaining what I do, how I can help and I am here if you ever need me and now running a very successful office 7 years later is nothing short of awesome, but since then the second thing is obtaining my CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification in 2023.

What's a little-known fact about you that might surprise us?

There certainly are many things, but outside my family friends and hobbies, I would be inclined to say most people are not aware that although I wear a suit and tie to work every day, I am actually pretty handy.

Imagine we're stuck in a super slow elevator ride. Can you explain your business in the time it takes for us to reach our floor?

Yes, I help individuals, families, widowers and divorcees understand their finances and take the time to learn their financial goals, whatever they may be, as well as, retire comfortably and happy. I do this by truly understanding what is most important to you not only now but in the future as well and we work off that to build a framework and a financial plan around you to help ensure you reach those goals and hopefully more.

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Brian Warner, CFP® AAMS™, Financial Advisor


Edward Jones


63 Quaker Road, Suite 1, Queensbury, New York 12804

Top Skills

Networking, Listening with empathy, Customer Service, Sales, Marketing

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ARCC, Glens Falls Civic Center Foundation Board

Favorite quote

"I've never really spent a lot of time thinking about my individual accomplishments actually." – Mark Messier

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