Rodney Allen Bentley

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Rodney Allen Bentley

Professional Visual Artist
Rodney Allen Bentley Art

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Rodney Allen Bentley is a Glens Falls Artist as well a native of the Adirondacks.  He shares the life changing moment he would unknowingly become a professional artist following a severe traumatic brain injury. The injury required speech therapy, cognitive therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and emotional therapy. 

Initially, pencil and charcoal only afforded him as he had lost much of the previous life he had known.  Being an accomplished artist now he uses various mediums of his own choice allowing his soul to speak creatively to the world through his hands. SPoT Coffee cafe` would become his studio daily for a number of years while being recognized among patrons and visitors as artist-in-residence. His live charcoal and pencil drawings prompted multitudes of enlightening conversations as well inspiration among children and adults from all walks of life. 

His recovery process is a lifetime and he has learned that disabilities can flourish and  blossom in different manners.  He reflects on his blessings as he shares his creative passion through healing as well as a voice to those experiencing personal trauma including  those disabled.  He intends to author his life story in a memoir in the near future and soon to release his website.

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Rodney Allen Bentley


Professional Visual Artist


Rodney Allen Bentley Art


65 Ridge Street STE. 4, Glens Falls, New York 12801


Charcoal Pet Portraits, Charcoal Home Renditions, Commercial property Renditions


Self-taught Professional Artist

Phone (office)

(315) 565-9837




Other Organizations

Southern Adirondack Independent Living (SAIL), Glens Falls City Hall, Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce (ARCC)

Favorite quote

"Just Believe"

SKU: ACRN-700001-001 Categories: , , , ,

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